A Cat's Cabin

When a cabin says it’s pet-friendly, most pet lovers assume that only means dogs. But here at the Lodge, we’re inclusive of all species under our pet policy — dogs, cats, birds, hamsters… everyone deserves a vacation regardless if you have skin, fur, feathers, or scales!

Koko & Karma received a letter from one of their animal friends last week and we thought you’d like to read it, too. We were so touched by it that Cabin 15 will now be known as Peek-a-Boo’s Retreat, in memory of the cat who felt so at home there.

My name is Peek-a-boo.  I’m writing from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I crossed over it just a few days ago. I tarried as long as I could, not wanting to leave my forever home and family, and knowing that they would find it very hard to go forward.  But before I left, Barb and John told me that they had talked to you about naming a cabin in my memory so I felt like my job was done – or maybe, just changing a bit.  The legacy of love that I gave them will live on in their hearts forever.  And, everyone who passes through Peek-a-boo’s cabin will hopefully feel some of that unconditional love that I taught them and that we all need. 

Let me tell you about myself and why I already feel like my spirit is part of Savage River Lodge.  I have visited Savage River Lodge three times and love it very much because it was my favorite place to hide away from the world with the people I loved the most.  I’m a cat and, as you probably know, cats aren’t welcome many places.  However, Savage River Lodge welcomed me with open arms and hearts so I kept coming back.  When we first stayed there in 2013, it was because I couldn’t stay home alone, so Barb did some research and discovered your pet-friendly policy.  She knew that pet-friendly seldom meant cat friendly but not only did your staff welcome me, your chef even made me special cat treats for the morning basket – said he’d never done that before.

As soon as we arrived, I knew I’d found my perfect hiding place – and I didn’t even have to crawl under the sofa or bed.  The cabin was perfect for the three of us and I felt so secure instantly.  It was warm and cozy, just the right size to keep Barb and John in sight at all times, and surrounded by all the nature an indoor cat could ever hope for.  I could snooze for hours in front of the stove; sit on the windowsill and watch birds and squirrels and even some deer; mosey up to the loft and do the “cat-walk” across the beam over the living room; or just snuggle on the oversized chair with them while they celebrated their anniversaries and birthdays.  We were together, hiding away from the trappings of the world that sometimes overwhelm us.

During our first visit there, we all read Bodhi’s book cover to cover and knew that it was no accident that we found Savage River Lodge.  Only people who loved their pet as much as you loved Bodhi could build a “hideaway” so unconditionally welcoming and so close to “heaven on earth” as you did.

I will miss coming to Savage River Lodge with Barb and John.  I know it will be hard for them to return without me, but I am hoping that if you are gracious enough to honor my memory by naming a cabin after me, it will help them know that I will be there with them in spirit.  I will be in their hearts forever.  And, the legacy of love that you built into Savage River Lodge will live on in Peek-a-boo’s Retreat.


P.S. Attached are some pictures from last year’s Christmas card. 

Photo courtesy Barbara Lefko

Photo courtesy Barbara Lefko

For more information on our pet-friendly accommodations, visit the Cabins page and read more on our pet policies. Does your pet have memories they’d like to share? Email Koko & Karma!