A Quiet Place to Think

We encourage our guests to fully unplug, and forget the world they left behind and let the quiet of the forest take hold for the few days that they’re here. But sometimes, that serenity can be the missing ingredient in being able to accomplish important work.

Charlene Beeman, Frostburg State University PhD candidate, has made use of our refuge on more than one occasion as she progresses toward her thesis. She shared her thoughts with us recently about what the experience means to her.

My Quiet Place

My life is hectic and full already without the rigors of trying to complete a doctoral degree in three years. I’m constantly reading and writing, and I need solitude to write. The ideas stack up in my head and I can hold them there and get them where they belong in my writing ─ but only if I can hold my focus. Sitting at home, even at my desk in my bedroom, I find it difficult to focus. Doors closing, people talking, family dropping in to ask a question, laundry continuously needing to be moved from the washer to dryer to the drawers… even the dog becomes a distraction. They conspire to reduce what should have been two hours of writing to only twenty minutes.

I remembered the feeling of serenity and peace I felt one evening when my husband and I drove off the highway back a long lane through the woods to Savage River Lodge for dinner. I began to yearn for that feeling where my mind was clear and nothing grabbed my attention; then I knew I could write.

One Tuesday evening I took that opportunity and traveled back that same road, just off the interstate and not far from home. I felt the pressures and stressors of life leaving my mind and I became optimistic that I could finally hold my focus and think deeply without distractions pulling me away. As I settled into the comfort of the warm yurt with heated floors and subtle lighting, the words and thoughts instantly began to flow onto the screen as though they were waiting for the chance. Except for an occasional pause to check a source, I wrote and wrote, letting the concepts develop and the transitions flow onto the word document in front of me.

The knock on the door startled me. I had ordered dinner to be delivered at 6 o’clock and I was shocked to see I had been writing for two and a half hours, the time simply flew by. I read through what I had written as I ate, all six good pages. It would take me days to get this much written at home with only bits of time between interruptions. I felt warmth, safe and joyful warmth there in the yurt! I worked another hour with similar results then packed up to leave.

Before leaving I looked about at the comfort of the room and I noticed the yurt was nearly dark except for the light coming from just above me onto the area where my laptop and my research bag had been located. I also realized the the room had a wonderful romantic ambiance that I would keep in mind for when my husband and I needed time alone together. No question, this place was a pleasant respite from the hectic rigors of everyday life; a place to get away for a few hours or a night. It is close to home yet so full of solitude that I now refer to it as ‘my quiet place’.


A Welcome Workation

Trade your meeting room for some breathing room! If you need a “workation” for you or team, or need space to begin penning that novel you’ve always been meaning to get to, we’d be happy to help. Our 18 cabins and 8 yurts offer luxury accommodation for business or pleasure in western Maryland. Private meeting space, gourmet dining, and forty acres of woodland are included, too. Call us at 301-689-3200 or inquire through our website.