Top Ten Reasons to Stay in a Yurt

Every once in a while, we take an afternoon to pore through the guestbooks from each cabin and yurt, and read the notes left by our guests of what they ate for dinner, their favorite trail, or how much their dog loved the Bodhi biscuits. It's such a fun insight into the wonderful experiences people have here! This is a favorite that we came across recently:


We came to the yurt for Valentine's Day weekend! Here are our top 10 favorite things about the yurt:

10. Liberal use of the word "glamping"
9. S'mores / fireplace
8. No internet!
7. Cozy bed (very cozy)
6. Rain on roof
5. Bodhi's trail
4. Bodhi's book
3. Meet n' greet
2. Chocolate muffins
1. Shut the Box!

♥ Jacob & Rezina, Baltimore

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