Better Get Going... Life Has A Big Head Start!

Or You Could Catch Up Without Even Breaking A Sweat.

Scroll down for relevant weather info... what activities are best for which months in our slightly higher elevation... and what to wear.

More Than Our Share Of Seasons!

Surrounded by more than 700 acres of mountain forests, the Savage River Lodge offers unparalleled outdoor fun! Explore evergreen forests and across mountain meadows. Follow mysterious animal tracks. Pick the ideal fishing spot for your spring visit. Bundle up and bird-watch from your rocking chair. Take a peaceful, quiet walk in the woods.


Summer is fantastic at the Savage River Lodge! Warm days either bring out the lazy-bones that mean ice tea and a rocking chair, or rev up the go-getters to explore the woods--and at the end of the day, it's hard to tell who had the best time! Plus, it's green, green, green, and the air is clean, clean, clean.
When: Mid-June through late August | Average temperatures: High 76, Low 54
Warm days, cool nights, and low humidity - Bring a sweater or sweatshirt to sit around the bonfire!


Garrett County, Maryland consistently ranks as one of the best places in the country to witness stunning fall foliage. As a result, it is the most popular time of year here at Savage River Lodge, where we are surrounded by nature's beauty. Colors start changing in mid-September and peak in early to mid-October. Weekends fill early, so make your reservations now!
When: Early September through mid-November | Average temperatures: High 60, Low 41
Cold days/light snow later in autumn - Sweaters and light jackets in September, Coats or parkas, hats and gloves later in November


Since we're in the mountains, in what some fondly call the "Icebox of Maryland", chances are you'll find some snow. The first light snow may fall in late October, but in January and February expect lots of winter white -- our area averages approximately 120" per season. You may prefer to stay cozy next to the grand fireplace at the Lodge with a cup of cocoa while watching the flakes fly, but we encourage you to go out and play in it with a quiet morning snowshoe trek or cross-country ski on our groomed trails.
When: Mid-November through mid-March | Average temperatures: High 35, Low 22
Snowy, cold, sometimes icy - Boots and Parkas recommended


Spring awakens slowly at Savage River Lodge. Once it gets here, though, it offers remarkable memories. Ferns unfold quietly to carpet the forest floor. Fawns frolic in the meadow. Birds return in droves to add their song to the season. And, our friends the black bears bring their new cubs forth from their dens. For many of our guests, spring means one thing: fly fishing. The cold mountain waters are brimming with trout. Wildflowers often don't start appearing in the forest until May, and generally remain until mid-June.
When: Mid-March through mid-June | Average temperatures: High 65, Low 44
Crisp spring days, chilly nights - Sweaters by day, jackets at night